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(44 customer reviews)

Systemic Enzyme Formula Supports:

  • Respiratory Health*
  • Circulatory Health*
  • Immune Health*

  90 Capsules:   $54.99 Now   $44.99
150 Capsules:  
$74.99Now    $68.99

300 Capsules: $164.99 Now $124.99



A powerful systemic enzyme blend formulated to support healthy cardiovascular, circulatory & respiratory systems.*

Why Take Serracor-NK

Serracor-NK supports respiratory and sinus health, and promotes cardiovascular and circulatory health.*

The ingredients in this powerful enzyme blend support:

  • Respiratory Health*
  • Cardiovascular Health*
  • Normal Circulation*
  • Healthy Oxygen Levels*
  • Sinus Health*
  • Vital Energy Levels*
  • Healthy Lung Function*

What’s Inside Serracor-NK

SEBkinase Blend:

Serracor-NK is a powerful blend of enteric-coated serrapeptase and enteric-coated nattokinase, systemic enzymes studied for their fibrinolytic properties.*

Enzyme & Cofactor Blend:

  • Bromelain: Proteolytic enzyme found in the pineapple plant; known for immune support.*
  • Papain: Derived from papaya, supports the body’s natural immune response.*
  • Lipase: Supports the breakdown of fats into essential fatty acids needed for healthy circulation.*
  • Rutin: Bioflavonoid, provides antioxidant support.*
  • Amla: Natural source of Vitamin C, supports immune health.*
  • Coenzyme Q10: An essential enzyme and cofactor in metabolism.*
  • Magnesium: An essential mineral used as a cofactor; supports cardiovascular and nerve health.*

What Isn’t Inside Serracor-NK

Serracor-NK is free of pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, animal derivatives, dairy, yeast, fish or shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts. All individual enzymes are kosher-certified ingredients, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Serracor-NK is manufactured in the USA and follows cGMP guidelines, for the highest quality products.

How Serracor-NK Works: Understanding Fibrin

Serracor-NK works by supporting healthy fibrin levels in the circulatory system. Fibrin is a protein that the body produces when healing. The protein precursor fibrinogen is converted into fibrin, which forms a layer of connective tissue inside the blood vessel. The fibrin strands assemble into a net-like structure over an affected vessel and harden, forming a “patch” to prevent further damage.*  

While fibrin is meant to have a protective function in the body, too much fibrin buildup can cause problems.

Serracor-NK is a powerful blend of enteric-coated serrapeptase and enteric-coated nattokinase with synergistic enzymes, antioxidants, coenzyme q10 and magnesium. Serrapeptase and nattokinase are two systemic enzymes studied for their fibrinolytic properties.*

This complete array of proteolytic enzymes, herbs, and minerals supports healthy circulatory and respiratory systems and normal fibrin metabolism.*

How Enteric Coating Makes Serracor-NK Uniquely Effective

The enteric-coated serrapeptase and enteric-coated nattokinase inside make Serracor-NK a unique blend. Most brands containing these enzymes are not enteric coated, which means they can lose a significant portion of their effectiveness in the acidic environment of the stomach. The enteric coating in Serracor-NK allows these sensitive enzymes to survive the acidic conditions of the stomach, thus allowing them to pass into the circulatory system and maintain high activity levels.

How to Take Serracor-NK

Take on an empty stomach (30-60 minutes before or 2 hours after meals).

  • Days 1-5: Take 1 capsule, 3 times a day.
  • Days 6-11: Take 2 capsules, 3 times a day.
  • Day 12+:  Take the Therapeutic Dose of 3 capsules, 3 times a day.

Caution: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or under medical supervision, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Take on an empty stomach (30-60 minutes before or 2 hours after meals).

Day 1-5:   Take 1 capsule, 3 times a day.

Day 6-11: Take 2 capsule, 3 times a day.

Day 12+:  Therapeutic Dose 3 capsules, 3 times a day.
Therapeutic Dose: Maximum capsules needed for desired effect.

Maintenance Dose: This is the minimum dose needed to continue to maintain the effects of managing your symptoms. This dosage varies upon individual and should be monitored closely.

Caution If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or under medical supervision, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.

Serracor NK vs Neprinol**


Enteric coated Serrapeptase and Enteric coated Nattokinase

Enzyme Stabilizer BPPS®

Enzyme Manufacturing Source


Neprinol (2004-2008)





Neprinol   (Current)



Japan *







Enteric Coated Serrapeptase and Enteric Coated Nattokinase

All enzymes have a pH range.  At the extremes of this range, whether acid or alkaline, systemic enzymes will denature (become irreversibly inactive). While it is true that most fungal and plant source systemic enzymes exhibit a fairly broad pH range, some bacterial sourced systemic enzymes are less tolerant of low pH. Because we are the actual manufacturer of our enzymes, we test them for both pH and temperature stability.  Based on the results of these kinetic studies, we have repeatedly demonstrated that serrapeptase and nattokinase are much less tolerant of a low pH and will begin to lose activity in acidic conditions consistent with the stomach.  Therefore, for maximum effectiveness, serrapeptase and nattokinase are best when enterically coated.

When we design a systemic enzyme blend for human consumption, we have to ensure that it will tolerate the pH variables of our gastrointestinal system. We have successfully done this with our systemic enzyme products, including enteric-coated serrapeptase (Peptizyme SP), enteric-coated nattokinase and SEBKinase (a blend of enteric-coated serrapeptase and enteric-coated nattokinase).  As a result of our experience and expertise, our entire line of enteric-coated enzymes are able to reach the small intestine with higher activity for full systemic enzyme therapy.

Make an Informed Choice

There are several systemic enzyme products on the market today. You deserve the highest quality and most effective enzyme products available. We encourage you to make an informed choice.


Enteric Coating Comparison

Methacrylic Acid Copolymer


Cellulose Acetate Phthalate (CAP)

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Phthalate (HPMCP)

Acid Armor®
(extra-thick cellulose layer)**

Contains Phthalates





Considered Enteric Coating





Studies supporting Efficacy as Enteric Coating















Time in Use

>50 years

>70 years

~40 years

~1 year

*AST Enzymes uses MAAC as enteric coating

What is enteric coating, and why is it needed?

Enteric coating is a layer of protective coating that is meant to allow a dietary supplement to bypass digestion by the stomach and be absorbed in the small intestine. Systemic enzymes are proteins, so their functional structures can be denatured (or destroyed) in conditions of extreme pH and temperature. Without enteric coating, some enzymes would be rendered useless long before they reach the bloodstream, where their carry out their beneficial effects.

What’s enteric coating made of?

At AST Enzymes, we use Methacrylic Acid Copolymer (MAAC) for our enteric coating. Methacrylic Acid Copolymer (MAAC) is not a phthalate. According to independent studies, MAAC is the most gastro-resistant when compared to other commonly used enteric coating agents such as Cellulose Acetate Phthalate (CAP) and Hydroxypropyl Methycellulose Phthalate (HPMCP). This means that MAAC can most effectively withstand the acidity of the stomach, allowing its contents to be released in the small intestine and absorbed successfully.

Don’t let the name scare you. MAAC is a food-grade compound that has been in use as enteric coating in the pharmaceutical industry for over 50 years with no reported side effects. In fact, the European Food Safety Authority – an organization that conducted studies which led to the ban of 6 types of phthalates in personal care products in Europe in 2004 – has deemed MAAC safe for use as coating agent in food supplements.

Not only is MAAC listed as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also conducted various studies and found sufficient information to reasonably conclude that the current use pattern of MAAC will not adversely affect public health or the environment.

** Neprinol® and Acid Armor® are registered trademarks of Arthur Andrews Medical Inc., which is not affiliated with, nor sponsors or endorses this product or any other product from Specialty Enzymes & Biotechnologies or AST Enzymes.


What is systemic enzyme therapy?

Systemic enzyme therapy refers to the therapeutic use of natural enzymes to produce a desired effect. Systemic enzymes are absorbed from the small intestine where they enter the bloodstream and execute their effects on the entire body as a system.

What is a systemic proteolytic enzyme?

Proteolytic enzymes break down proteins into their building-blocks, which are called amino acids. Systemic proteolytic enzymes are responsible for breaking down accumulated protein and waste substances found in the circulatory system and connective tissue.  Regular systemic proteolytic enzyme use can promote circulation and support flushing out these waste products.

 What is fibrin?

Fibrin is a protein-based substance that is needed to help clot one’s blood, playing a substantial role in immune response and healing. When the body responds to injury or chronic inflammation, fibrin is recruited to the damaged area to form scar tissue. Although the body is equipped with plasmin, a naturally occurring enzyme responsible for breaking down excess fibrin, some people are at a disadvantage – as aging occurs, plasmin levels progressively decrease.

Why is it important to take Serracor-NK on an empty stomach?

Since most absorption occurs in the small intestine, the systemic enzymes must bypass the stomach to gain access there. If the enzymes are taken with food, they will likely begin working to break down your food within the stomach, rather than passing through to the small intestine. Taking systemic enzymes like Serracor-NK with food will compromise their absorption, as well as their effectiveness.

Does Serracor-NK have an enteric coating?

Yes, the serrapeptase and nattokinase in Serracor-NK are enterically coated. While similar systemic enzymes may have the same active ingredients, most do not utilize enteric coating. The purpose of enteric coating is to protect the enzyme from the acidic environment of the stomach. When enzymes are enterically coated, their high activity levels are preserved until they reach the small intestine, where absorption into the bloodstream takes place. While the enteric coating can withstand the acidic environment of the stomach, the alkaline environment of the small intestine will disintegrate the enteric coating, allowing the enzyme to become active within the bloodstream.

Do you use phthalates in your enteric coating?

No, our enteric coating does not use or contain phthalates. At AST Enzymes, we use Methacrylic Acid Copolymer (MAAC) for our enteric coating. Compared to other commonly used enteric coating agents such as Cellulose Acetate Phthalate (CAP) and Hydroxypropyl Methycellulose Phthalate (HPMCP), MAAC is the most gastro-resistant and does not carry the same risks. Additionally, MAAC is considered GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA and is approved for use by the European Food Safety Authority. To learn more about enteric coating used in AST Enzymes products, please click the “Compare” tab.

How long should I take Serracor-NK before feeling results?

The length of time to experience the benefits of systemic enzymes varies by individual. Some people notice a difference within days. For others, it’s a week or 10 days. For long-term benefits, it’s important to take systemic enzymes consistently over several months. New systemic enzyme users should start off slow, with one capsule, three times daily. After three to four days of proven tolerance, the dose can be increased to a 2 capsules, 3 times per day.  Some consumers find their ideal dose between 9-12 capsules per day, while others only need 3-6. There are several factors that may affect required dosage, including:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Tolerance
  • Time of administration (better absorbed on an empty stomach)
  • Adherence to regimen
  • Nutritional state

What if I miss a dose?

Regular, consistent use of systemic enzymes will provide the best results, however missed doses of systemic enzymes do not have serious repercussions. Although symptoms alleviated by systemic enzyme therapy may resurface, getting back on track by remembering to take your next dose will suffice. There is also the option of incorporating another dose during the day. There is no need to “double up” on one dose. Also remember, systemic enzymes are best absorbed on an empty stomach.

Does Serracor-NK have any side effects?

The use of Serracor-NK has not been shown to exhibit detrimental effects, long term or short term. Minor side effects may vary. Gastrointestinal disturbances have been reported by a small percentage of new users, but once the dosage is adjusted, tolerance is maintained. Minor allergic reactions, like reddening of the skin, are also rare occurrences, and can be seen with extremely high doses. There are no known interactions with prescription or over the counter drugs while using systemic enzyme therapy. However, it is recommended that you consult with your physician about starting systemic enzymes, particularly if you are on blood-thinning medications, or are pregnant or nursing.

Can I take Serracor-NK with other systemic enzymes?

Systemic enzymes may be taken together, yielding desirable results, as long as they are taken on an empty stomach. In fact, it is often recommended that systemic enzymes be combined. Products like Serracor-NK and Peptizyme-SP often have synergistic effects when taken together. This means that the separate products work together to produce advantageous results. By combining and enhancing the activity of the enzymes, their effects on supporting the body are more attainable.

Can I take Serracor-NK with digestive enzymes?

Although digestive and systemic enzymes are not contraindicated in terms of ingredients, they cannot be taken at the same time. The purpose of digestive enzymes is to aid in digestion of specific foods, so taking them with food is an obvious recommendation. Because systemic enzymes require an empty stomach for maximum absorption, they must be taken separately from digestive enzymes. There are no adverse interactions between systemic and digestive enzymes, but they serve different purposes and thus should be taken as directed for best results.

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5.0 overall

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  1. Sandra Oster

    I had been taking 6-9 serracore-NK per day–I fell down four metal steps, and received several gashes. In addition I weigh 250 pounds. I usually see a chiropractor on a regular basis–with this product I experienced very little joint pain and healed quickly, and didn’t end up in the chiropractors office. this is a 5 Star product for inflammation and pain.

  2. John

    I am a 67 years old male and started taking Serracor in 2012…. I take Serracor mainly for cardiovascular support as well as sinus & old spinal injury inflammation issues… I am single and my diet and exercise habits are OK but not that great…I also take a few other supplements (fish oil/nascent Iodine)…Despite my poor habits I lost 15 lbs to 180 lbs this year and have lowered my blood pressure 20, points to an average 120/72 in 2016….

  3. Pam Shouldice

    My husband has been taking Serracor-NK for about four – five years now. He has chronic exacerbated COPD with emphysema. He says the Serracor works really well to reduce inflammation and to keep his lungs clear. At this point he needs all the help he can get and we’re truly grateful to have found such a wonderful product! Thank you!

  4. Vistara Parham

    After years of chronic intestinal problems,inflammation, discomfort, a friend recommended Serracor NK. Definite, undeniable improvement! Now I take it e every day, and get great relief.

  5. Lina bannister

    I absolutely Serracor nk -I luv this product n this co -they r both very reputable n customer friendly-this product has been a great all around addition to my nutritional protocol -it has been a great blessing for circulation -sinus issues-energy-n just all around feelin better-I highly recommend this product-it it is one of my must haves for sure-I’ve been using this product for several yrs. It has been a great blessing to my overall well being-I thank god for this product n this company-gods blessings to u all for good health-

  6. A. Bellin (verified owner)

    Have been taking Serracor-NK for about 3 years now. Has definitely cut down on the excess fibrin and mucus. Can breathe so much better too. Will continue with this product indefinitely as it has greatly helped my breathing.

  7. Susan Tribull (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Serracor-NK for about 7 years now. The CoQ10 is great for energy and mental acuity! I’m pretty sure it’s the effect of the fibrin metabolism that supports my vision. I am 64 and still don’t wear glasses, for reading or otherwise. The magnesium support has a nice calming effect on the nerves, I find. I may get a cold every 5-6 years, but that’s it. I found out the hard way, by forgetting to pack my Serracor-NK for a trip, exactly what benefits I’m getting from this enzyme supplement. And I don’t want to be without it again! Thank you! It’s healthy in so many ways.

  8. Liljana Lili (verified owner)

    “I had problems breathing since 2013 and I am taking your products – Serracor NK, Serrapeptase and Floracor GI since early 2014. I never want to stop taking it all as that gave me confidence that my circulaion is supported. Also, I feel healthier in every way, because of taking those systemic enzymes.
    At beginning I was taking therapeutic doses, probably for one year. Then I started maintenance doses, twice a day. Than, as mid 2016 I noticed other health issues so I started taking therapeutic doses again (3 times per day 3 capsules each nattokinase and serrapeptase and floracor 2 times per day 2 capsules). Few weeks ago I decided to start taking same doses 2 times per day – (i feel much better now).

    Also, since mid 2016 my husband had started taking those same enzymes for his lungs and skin. We didn’t want to go with standard of care path, we found that enzymes are natural substitution to taking steroids and with no side effects. My husband is felling much better.
    We are both very grateful for your wonderful products nattokinase, serrapeptase and probiotics.”- Australia

  9. Leona Westbrook-Chilcott

    Enzymes are always a part of the protocol in Germany where they have wonderful success, so I gave my enzymes to my friend. I kept forgetting to order my own enzymes and after one week, I was in pain! It has helped my joint pain in my hands and feet significantly. Thank you for a great product. Leona

  10. Patrick Schuette (verified owner)

    Serracor-NK helps to clear my lungs of congestion and helps me breathe better. I would highly recommend it.

  11. Leslie Campbell (verified owner)

    No more chronic ear infections. They have cleared up now. My eustachan tube is not clogged and my hearing is back to normal. What a blessing!

  12. Darrell Geusz

    I have been using AST’s Serracor-NK combo’ed with AST’s Serrapeptase for 6 years. They have significantly helped keep my nose clear of congestion, my breathing clear of mucous and my lungs clear of constriction. Although I weigh over 300lbs and am over 40 years old, my blood pressure hovers around 120/70 when I regularly take the enzymes.

  13. Karen

    I was injured very seriously 18 years ago and had many fractures and scars. I have been taking systemic enzymes since to manage my pain and inflammation. All of my scars are almost gone. I had raised scars on my hands that kind of looked like worms and a big scar in the middle of my forehead and one above my mouth. You can hardly see any of the scars. I can really tell a difference with my pain level if I stop taking Serracor. I will likely take it the rest of my life.

  14. listeningear22 (verified owner)

    I started taking Serracor and Serrapeptase about 7 years ago as I was diagnosed with PF and was told I had approx. 3 yrs to live. Last week I celebrated my 81st birthday and plan to have many more thanks to these enzymes. They without a doubt, turned the “no hope” diagnosis given to me to a future I can look forward to. Was told to have a biopsy, go on steroids but called AST enzymes instead and started my own protocol…….I’ll never regret that decision. I wrote a review 6 years ago but who knew I’d still be here to write another one…….Gaylen R

  15. Ione Maple

    I was very pleased with the effect this had on the swelling in my hands

  16. Robert Mills (verified owner)

    Since I have been using the Serracor for the past few years from AST Enzymes, I have not experienced swelling, aches, pain or skin redness in my calf. I have been very happy using this product.

  17. Coleta Lary (verified owner)

    Not only did Serracor help me get my LDL levels down, it also helped my daughter lower her trig. 200 points,

  18. James Macavoy

    Despite a very healthy lifestyle-diet, exercise- I ended up in a very inflammatory condition with pronounced pain, infections, high blood pressure etc… After embarking upon a Systemic Enzyme protocol, after 2 years, I am beginning to feel normal again.” Serracor was a part of my process. As a family, we use many AST products and find them all to be very helpful in maintaining our overall health. We have also recommended them to our friends who take them as well. Thank you for such fine, available, helpful products!

  19. Carlos Sanchez

    In 2006 I had an M.I. and 2 stents were placed in my right coronary artery. Detailed testing revealed I had a clotting issue that made my blood quite thick. 3 years later we went to a symposium on alternative treatment modalities and met Dr. Robert Brownstein. I was lucky enough to pick his brain during lunch, when he signed his book I’d just bought. He told me that it was imperative for me to thin my blood, as well as protect the vessel walls from inflammation. He recommended natto kinase and Xclyzyme, which I’ve always bought from AST. Recently I’ve learned of Serracor-NK and its better effect for the things I need. I made the switch and am pleased with this product.

  20. Joseph P Badding (verified owner)

    I have been using Serracor-NK in combination with Serrapeptase for the last few years off and on. I have noticed a definable improvement in my circulation and overall health when using these compared to the time when I have not use them. I have pulmonary fibrosis and what is left of my lungs works better with these enzymes.

  21. Edward Lidzbarski (verified owner)

    My wife and I both have been taking serracor-NK daily for well over 5 years. My wife is 68 and I am 69. We are no strangers to hard work. We own and operate a farm. Our blood pressures are both in the 120’s over 60’s. We walk 3 miles everyday, eat well and take 4 serracor-NK caps on an empty stomach before bed. We never have congestion and seldom experience sore joints. Injuries heal rapidly. This supplement is extremely good for your total health. We are both big fans!!!


    I take serracor-NK and other AST products because I want my arteries clear of plaque. I am deathly afraid of a stroke, I would rather die than be impaired.

  23. Jon DeFrance (verified owner)

    Improved oxygen levels — very satisfied

  24. Gretchen Foley

    Several years ago I was diagnosed with “sticky blood” and recommended for pharma drugs which was NOT going to happen. I wasn’t yet 50 years old, not overweight, but supposedly a candidate for a stroke! I also had very high blood pressure for which I also refused medication. (Stubborn yes, stupid perhaps). I took matters into my own hands and found Serracor-NK, ordered it and began to take one capsule twice a day increasing to about 2-3 twice a day. I also began walking a couple miles per week and eating as much dark leafy greens as possible with every meal. Within about 2 months time, I noticed that my scars were gradually disappearing (on hands and knees), and what was most noticeable was the ginormous blood clot on my shin (which looks like a gigantic bruise but in reality is a result of child-bearing) – it was shrinking in size and getting smaller. After 6 months, I got more bloodwork and my doctor was very surprised and happy and encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing. Now it’s years later, the clot area on my leg is a fraction of what it was; my blood pressure came down to NORMAL levels AND my blood is no longer “sticky”. When our son was diagnosed with lyme at 9 years old, we also had him take Serracor NK to break down the spirochete biofilm which we believe has worked. He’s a strong, healthy 15 year old with no signs of chronic lyme. Thank you AST Enzymes! I recommend you to everyone! Bless you for saving my life and the lives of my family!!!

  25. tom

    I am a 69 year old male. I have been taking Exclzyme for years based on a recommendation from my chiropractor. it has been a great help with inflammation and reducing my cholesterol. I take 6 per day.

  26. Greg Merhar (verified owner)

    Been using it for five years. Wonderful results! Overall health seems to be improved. Look much younger and am more vibrant than my peers. Look forward to continuing with the routine!

  27. Annette R Smith (verified owner)

    Has improved my circulation

  28. Roxanne Livingston

    I noticed my circulation improved, cold feet and hands warmed. I plan to reorder to see if serracor can help with mucus congestion and lung issues. From other reports, I suspect continuing on this product will assist in easing breathing problems. I may return and give it a 5 if I see continued improvement.

  29. JAMES HOLLAND (verified owner)

    Good general health, less muscle soreness after working out. I am an active 71 yrs, still playing hockey!

  30. Monique

    I have been taking serracore-NK for 5 years. It has helped me control intentines inflammation after going through surgery. I have been doing very good since

  31. Monique

    I have been taking serracore-NK every day since 5 years. It has helped me maintain a healthy life since my operation for chronic inflammatory intentines.

  32. Roland Brown

    Dramatic Improvements in Pulmonary Fibrosis

  33. Ron Worth (verified owner)

    I have been using Sarracor NK for over eight years and have noted a remarkable reduction in inflamation initially that has just gotten even better with time. I travel a lot for business with regular exercise. This has kept me healthy, free of inflammation in my joints, and with out any illnesses. I am 66 but during my physical this year my doctor felt the blood tests and other exams show the insides of a 40 year old, thank you!!

  34. Mary

    I have been taking Serracor NK for about three years now for interstitial lung condition. I am also taking medication which is an immunosuppressant and has been prescribed by my pulmonary physician . I find when I take the Serracor, I have fewer breathing issues and my energy levels are higher. When I run out of Serracor I definitely feel the difference!

  35. Fletcher Redmond (verified owner)

    I take Serracor-NK about every day and so does my Wife. It keeps our chest and ears clear of congestion. It also helps me with pain and stiffness. It helps relieve sinus headaches better than anything I have ever tried. Thank you for this product that really works.

  36. Donald Weitz (verified owner)

    lowers my cholesterol ( a lot ). I have a condition that my blood clots easily this product helps greatly with this ( I’m on blood thinners(for 28 yrs) so u have to becareful because this thins your blood also the more Serracor-NK you take the less blood thinner I need ) It’s safe you just have to monitor your dosage until you know where your at with your INR reading. I’ve been taking this product since about 2008 I wouldn’t be without it. I believe this product would benefit any normal person (medically normal that is) for hi cholesterol & strokes. To me it’s like a miracle supplement. ( I had many blood clotting problems even though I was on thinners) with a antioxidant & Serracor-NK I’ve eliminated these problems for myself.

  37. Gretchen Vogel

    My husband and are both 66, and have individual health challenges we are addressing primarily with diet, exercise and supplements. I started seeing serrapeptasse in Lyme protocols but didn’t know what it was. After researching we found AST Enzymes. We started with Serrapeptase and the Floracor-GI, with astounding improvements in energy levels, digestion, feelings of well being, At this point I am adding the Ultimate Metabolic Formula and my husband will upgrade to Serracor-NK. This company and these enzymes have transformed our level of health. Everyone who we see says: you both look great! I think others are sensing our increased level of vitality, we are so grateful to have found AST.

  38. Gilda Sanne

    My issue is scarred lungs, I work out 4 days a week and had such trouble breathing.. I would get winded just stretching but not now. Feel stronger and way less winded when I take gym classes.
    Huge difference ! Being all natural convinced me to try it. So glad I did.
    All I can say is Thank you!!

  39. Linda Krumpelman (verified owner)

    I had my 87 year old mother try Serracor for a chronic cough she has had for decades. It really worked! She hardly ever coughs now and her energy and even her arthritis are better.

  40. RONALD HARRIS (verified owner)

    I am a male aged 51 and I want to say that I Love AST Enzymes Serracor-NK. It has really improved my health since I started taking it about over 2 years ago. My circulation, breathing, and general body flexibility all feel better when I take it and my whole body is less sore. Everything seems to heal faster and feel better. I want to thank AST Enzymes for their life changing products! I am a customer for life!
    Ronald Harris

  41. John Buonaiuto (verified owner)

    have been using Serracor-NK for 18 months now to improve circulation in my legs, reduce ankle swelling and insure healthy PSA and good cholesterol levels.
    I am completely satisfied with the results!

  42. andrewwinkler

    I used to have very high blood pressure (210/110) for many years ever since the rollout of 4G. Blood pressure meds only helped temporarily, then it slowly crept up again. Last month, I realised that my body was desperately trying to get sufficient oxygen to my brain and vital organs. Since taking Serracor-NK and Schuessler Tissue Salts (General Tonic) my blood pressure quickly went down to 145/90 within 3 weeks and is still falling.

  43. Gail Schafer (verified owner)

    I went from arteriosclerosis in my aortic arch to NO MORE blockage and no more scar tissue in my lungs!

    My cardiologist said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it.”

  44. Nancy Price

    I started taking serracor originally to get rid of a fibroid rumors I was told I had. There is now no proof of any tumor. I used to get heart palpitations but since taking this the palpitations have stopped! Yes! 2 birds with one stone. I can’t speak for everyone but it helped me. Please use you own discretion.

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    Buy Serracor-NK with Floracor-GI to Support Absorption

    Floracor-GI with Serracor together provide even greater benefits. One of our most popular blends, Floracor-GI is a blend of probiotics, prebiotics and powerful enzymes to support gastrointestinal health, microflora balance and immune health.

    Combining Floracor-GI with the powerful systemic enzymes in Serracor-NK supports systemic enzymes therapy, circulation and respiratory health.

    FREE Digest-GI WITH PURCHASE! – A $29.99 Value

    DigeSEB-GI is a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme blend to support digestion of all types of foods.

    1-Serracor-NK 300 capsules + 1-Floracor-GI 180 caps + 1-Digest-GI 90 caps =$200.97 NOW $170.98


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