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(50 customer reviews)

Systemic Enzyme Formula Supports:

  • Overall Metabolic Health*
  • Healthy Circulation *
  • Muscle Recovery*
  • Joint & Tendon Health*

  90 Capsules:   $34.99 Now $29.99
180 Capsules:   $69.98 Now $44.98
450 Capsules: $149.95 Now $99.95


Excellacor- The Original Systemic Formula

Backed by decades of customer satisfaction (since 1999), Excellacor is a powerful systemic enzyme blend formulated to support normal fibrin metabolism, metabolic health, and joint, muscle and tissue health.*

Why Take Excellacor

Excellacor is a potent blend of serrapeptase, systemic proteases, herbs and antioxidants designed to support your muscles, joints and total body wellness.*

This powerful systemic blend supports:

  • Overall Metabolic Health*
  • Healthy Circulation*
  • Muscle Recovery*
  • Joint & Tendon Health*
  • Vital Energy Levels*
  • Healthy Stamina*
  • Healthy Heels and Feet*
  • Normal Circulation*

What’s Inside Excellacor

  • Acid-Resistant Serrapeptase (phthalate-free): A powerful fibrinolytic enzyme.*
  • Papain: Derived from papaya; supports the body’s natural immune response.*
  • Bromelain: A proteolytic enzyme found in the pineapple plant; known for immune support and its fibrinolytic activities.*
  • Amylase: Breaks down carbohydrates and starches into simple sugars.*
  • Lipase: Breaks fats down into essential fatty acids that are needed to support healthy circulation and immune and healthy inflammatory responses.*
  • Rutin: Bioflavonoid that provides antioxidant support.*
  • Amla: A powerful superfood and natural source of Vitamin C; an antioxidant that supports immune response and healthy metabolism.*


What Sets Excellacor Apart

Excellacor contains AST’s original proprietary formula (Exclzyme® Blend) created by our master enzymologist. Originally marketed as Exclzyme®, it has been commercially available for over 20 years. Its loyal use by companies, health practitioners and consumers have made it the #1 non-animal derived systemic formulation.

Excellacor contains serrapeptase, a concentrated, natural proteolytic enzyme supplement. But we don’t use just any serrapeptase. Our ingredient, Peptizyme SP® EN, is specially formulated with an acid-resistant polymer which helps protect the delicate enzyme from the acidic conditions of the stomach, allowing delivery of significantly more activity to the small intestine, maximizing efficacy.

What is Serrapeptase?

Serrapeptase—also known as serratiopeptidase—is an enzyme belonging to the serine protease class. As a protease, it breaks down proteins into smaller components called amino acids. Serrapeptase was originally discovered in the digestive tract of silkworms in the 1960s. It is often called the “butterfly enzyme” because its strong fibrinolytic activity enabled the silkworm to dissolve its tough, fibrous cocoon when it was ready to emerge. This same fibrinolytic activity was identified to support human cardiovascular and inflammatory systems and has been consumed by humans for decades.

Excellacor’s Other Systemic Enzymes

In addition to serrapeptase, Excellacor contains other powerful systemic proteases which help break down proteins and amino acid chains, supporting healthy inflammatory and immune responses and promoting healthy fibrin metabolism, circulation, platelet and cardiovascular functions and total body support.*

Why Take Fibrinolytic Enzymes?

Imagine you scrape your knee – your blood immediately clots, and your body makes a scaffolding out of fibrin (a thread-like protein) to hold the clot in place. This acts as a natural bandage as the body heals. Your body uses fibrin to repair internal injuries too.

But your body also has to take down the fibrin scaffolding (a process called fibrinolysis). Your body naturally does this with an enzyme called plasmin, which breaks down the fibrin into parts the body can process. Healthy fibrinolysis is critical to manage pain, scarring and potential blood clots.

Fibrinolytic enzymes are proteases that break down the tough strings of fibrin protein. Supplementing with fibrinolytic enzymes can help your body maintain healthy fibrin metabolism.*

Why Choose Excellacor

Excellacor’s unique proprietary formula and efficacy-maximizing acid-resistant polymer application make it the most potent blend on the market to naturally support normal fibrin metabolism, metabolic health, joint function, healthy inflammatory response, and cardiovascular function.* It is manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 and NSF-GMP certified facilities and undergoes rigorous quality testing.

How MAAC Acid-Resistant Polymer Makes AST Enzymes’ Excellacor Uniquely Effective

Your stomach is naturally acidic to help digest food. But not every supplement can tolerate that acidity. Some enzymes, like serrapeptase, are powerful but delicate. They need a special delivery system that helps protect them from stomach acid. The cutting-edge, pthalate-free, methyacrylic acid copolymer (MAAC) applied to the Peptizyme SP® EN in Excellacor increases potency by allowing more enzyme activity to pass through the stomach, delivering it into the small intestine, where it is most needed.

When evaluated by an independent third-party laboratory, the MAAC-containing Peptizyme SP® EN used in Excellacor was found to have enzyme activity significantly greater than regular serrapeptase after passing through the acidic conditions of the stomach, allowing for much greater efficacy.

MAAC is a food-grade compound that has been in use as an enteric coating in the pharmaceutical industry for over 50 years with no reported side effects. In fact, the European Food Safety Authority – an organization that conducted studies which led to the ban of six types of phthalates in personal care products in Europe in 2004 – has deemed MAAC safe for use as a coating agent in food supplements. 

As a science-first company, AST Enzymes uses acid-resistant Peptizyme SP® EN because it delivers the best enzymes in their best form.

What Isn’t Inside Excellacor

Excellacor is free of pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, animal derivatives, dairy, yeast, fish or shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts. All individual enzymes are kosher-certified ingredients, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Excellacor is manufactured in the USA in NSF-certified facilities that follow cGMP guidelines, for the highest quality products.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Take on an empty stomach (30-60 minutes before or 2 hours after meals).

Day 1-5:   Take 1 capsule, 3 times a day.

Day 6-11: Take 2 capsule, 3 times a day.

Day 12+:  Therapeutic Dose 3 capsules, 3 times a day.
Therapeutic Dose: Maximum capsules needed for desired effect.

Maintenance Dose: This is the minimum dose needed to continue to maintain the effects of managing your symptoms. This dosage varies upon individual and should be monitored closely.



What is systemic enzyme therapy?

Systemic enzyme therapy refers to the therapeutic use of natural enzymes to produce desired healing effects. Systemic enzymes are absorbed in the small intestine where they enter the bloodstream and execute their effects on the entire body as a system.

What are proteolytic enzymes?

Proteolytic enzymes break down proteins into their building-blocks, which are called amino acids. Systemic proteolytic enzymes are responsible for breaking down accumulated protein and waste substances (such as fibrin) found in the circulatory system and connective tissue. Regular systemic proteolytic enzyme use can promote healthy circulation.*

What is fibrin and why take fibrinolytic enzymes?

Fibrin is a thread-like protein-based substance that is needed to help blood coagulation, playing a substantial role in immune response. Imagine you scrape your knee – your blood immediately clots, and your body makes a scaffolding out of fibrin to hold the clot in place. This acts as a natural bandage as the body heals. Your body uses fibrin to repair internal injuries too.

But your body also has to take down the fibrin scaffolding (a process called fibrinolysis). Your body naturally does this with an enzyme called plasmin, which breaks down the fibrin into parts the body can process. Although your body naturally does this with an enzyme called plasmin, plasmin levels progressively decrease as we age. This actually increases the risk for excessive, undesirable scar tissue formation in the body.

Fibrinolytic enzymes are proteases that break down the tough strings of fibrin protein. Supplementing with fibrinolytic enzymes can help your body maintain healthy fibrin metabolism.*

Why is it important to take Excellacor on an empty stomach?

Since most absorption occurs in the small intestine, the systemic enzymes must bypass the stomach to gain access there. If the enzymes are taken with food, they will likely begin working to break down your food within the stomach, rather than passing through to the small intestine. Taking systemic enzymes like Excellacor with food will compromise their absorption, as well as their effectiveness.

Does the serrapeptase in Excellacor have acid-resistance?

Yes, an acid-resistant polymer is applied to the serrapeptase (Peptizyme SP® EN) in AST’s Excellacor. While similar systemic enzymes may have the same active ingredients, most do not apply such a polymer. The purpose of this acid-resistant polymer is to protect the enzyme from the acidic environment of the stomach. When an acid-resistant polymer is applied to the enzymes, its activity is more likely to be preserved until it reaches the small intestine, where absorption into the bloodstream takes place. While this polymer can withstand the acidic environment of the stomach, the alkaline environment of the small intestine will disintegrate this polymer, allowing the enzyme to be active within the bloodstream.

Do you use phthalates in your acid-resistant polymer?

No, at AST Enzymes, we use Methacrylic Acid Copolymer (MAAC) for our acid-resistant polymer, which does not use or contain phthalates. Compared to other commonly used agents such as Cellulose Acetate Phthalate (CAP) and Hydroxypropyl Methycellulose Phthalate (HPMCP), MAAC is the most gastro-resistant and does not carry the same risks. Additionally, MAAC is considered GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA and is approved for use by the European Food Safety Authority. To learn more about the acid-resistant polymer used in AST Enzymes products, please click the Compare tab.

How long should I take Excellacor before feeling results?

The length of time to experience the benefits of systemic enzymes varies by individual. Some people notice a difference within days. For others, it’s a week or 10 days. For long-term benefits, it’s important to take systemic enzymes consistently over several months. New systemic enzyme users should start off slow, with one capsule, three times daily. After three to four days of proven tolerance, the dose can be increased to 2 capsules, 3 times per day.  Some consumers find their ideal dose between 9-12 capsules per day, while others only need 3-6. There are several factors that may affect required dosage, including:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Tolerance
  • Time of administration (better absorbed on an empty stomach)
  • Adherence to regimen
  • Nutritional state

What if I miss a dose?

Regular, consistent use of systemic enzymes will provide the best results, however missed doses of systemic enzymes do not have serious repercussions. Although symptoms alleviated by systemic enzyme therapy may resurface, getting back on track by remembering to take your next dose will suffice. There is also the option of incorporating another dose during the day. There is no need to “double up” on one dose. Also, remember, systemic enzymes are best absorbed on an empty stomach.

Are there any side effects involved with Excellacor?

The use of Excellacor has not been shown to exhibit detrimental effects, long term or short term. Just as dosage requirements vary, minor side effects may vary. Although gastrointestinal disturbances have been stated by a small percentage of new users, tolerance is maintained once the dosage is adjusted. Minor allergic reactions, like reddening of the skin, are also rare occurrences, and can be seen with extremely high doses. There are no known interactions with prescription or over the counter drugs while using systemic enzyme therapy. However, it is recommended that you consult with your physician about starting systemic enzymes, especially if you are on blood-thinning medications or if you are pregnant or nursing.

Can I take Excellacor with other systemic enzymes?

Systemic enzymes may be taken together, yielding desirable results, as long as they are taken on an empty stomach. In fact, it is often recommended that systemic enzymes be combined. Supplements such as Excellacor and Serrapeptase often have synergistic effects when taken together. This means that the separate products work together to produce advantageous results. By combining and enhancing the activity of the enzymes, their effects on the healing process are more attainable.

Can I take Excellacor with digestive enzymes?

Although digestive and systemic enzymes are not contraindicated in terms of ingredients, they cannot be taken at the same time. The purpose of digestive enzymes is to aid in digestion of specific foods, so taking them with food is an obvious recommendation. Because systemic enzymes require an empty stomach for maximum absorption, they must be taken separately from digestive enzymes. There are no adverse interactions between systemic and digestive enzymes, but they serve different purposes and thus should be taken as directed for best results.

How to Take Excellacor

Take on an empty stomach (30-60 minutes before or 2 hours after meals).

  • Days 1-5: Take 1 capsule, 3 times a day.
  • Days 6-11: Take 2 capsules, 3 times a day.
  • Day 12+: Take 3 capsules, 3 times a day, if needed. Otherwise, continue with 2 capsules 3 times a day.

Caution: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or under medical supervision, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Based on 50 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. Colleen Stone

    For 12 years, I experienced blocked sinuses, headaches and was unable to taste. No medication or surgery helped. Two years ago, I started taking Excellacor.
    Within a week, I could breathe normally and my taste came back within 6 months. My C Reactive Protein went from 12mg to 4mg! My level of energy markedly improved. I feel like I am 35 not 65!

  2. rj Lucas (verified owner)

    Thinking it’s helping my joint discomfort & going to stay with it for a while and see what comes from it. Thank you

  3. Gerald N. Bart

    superb product, helped me greatly.more stamina my trainer noticed it too,

  4. Dan Sevall

    I have dealt with feet discomfort for many years. Taking Excellacor helped running Leg 3 and Leg 4 (the last 17 miles) of the Big Sur International Marathon much more tolerable. Highly recommend Excellacor.

  5. Mariah

    My knee stopped bothering me entirely. It was difficult sitting down and getting up as well as getting out of the car. Now I feel fine unless it’s really rainy for a few days.

  6. Jennie Hong

    Excellacor helped me with chronic lower back discomfort that I’ve lived with for several years. It’s great to feel some real pain relief without having to deal with the awful side effects of painkiller meds.

  7. Gail A Powell

    I like using natural remedies for health issues and Excellacor fits the bill. I tried as directed and noticed a lessening of foot discomfort–particularly at night when I was sleeping. My restless leg syndrome also improved. This is an excellent product indeed.

  8. amy johnson

    I was so pleasantly surprised at how amazingly well this product worked and is continuing to work for my general foot comfort! It worked quickly and substantially. Wish I had know about this years ago!


    After 9 years of trying physical therapy several times,creams, lotions,orthotics special made twice, injections, finally I was able to experience relief. Before trying Excellacor, working in the medical profession, constantly working on my feet. I felt free to move quicker and also was able to take evening 1 mile walks with our puppies. After working 10 to 13 hrs a day still have energy to enjoy my family time. This was the best thing that ever happened to me, am so excited. Am 50 yrs old and I got back my youthful life.

  10. Vickie Boone

    i have had total body discomfort, and found the enzyme capsules to be effective. The enzyme capsules are easy to take, and I had no side effects.

  11. David Hairston

    I was diagnosed with my foot condition about five years ago. Of course the discomfort was excruciating and despite my efforts I experienced little relief until I tried Excellacor. After using Excellacor for a relatively short period of time, that discomfort reduced. I am very grateful for those results and will continue to use Excellacor in the future.

  12. Celestia Clemons

    Excellent product, it provided much needed relief. Was experiencing pain in feet.

  13. Cheri I villasenor

    Awesome product. I’m a food server, so on my feet all day .I’ve tried so many things to help my foot pain, ( inserts, orthotics, ibprofen, stretches, splints, ect..) and this is really the only thing that had made a difference.
    So happy I was referred to the study.

  14. Beverly Devereux

    I have been using Excellacor for approximately 3 years now. My MD still stresses to stay with this product due to positive results in cholesterol levels. I also have found increased energy level as being 60+ I was finding taking longer to get through chores, but now a lot easier. Another plus is that I find joint inflammation has been greatly reduced. This product is a daily routine for me without question.

  15. Lisa

    I avoided hysterectomy by shrinking fibroids with Exclzyme.

  16. Kristina

    We were very pleased with the enzymes! We slept better, lost 20 pounds in 3 months, and all of those annoying pains and morning stiffness went away. Highly recommended!

  17. Robert Lapinski (verified owner)

    One of the key ways Excellacor helps me is by helping to clear toxins after my deep tissue and myofacial release massage therapy sessions

  18. Alexander Erfani (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for over 5 years consistently. I generally feel a lot more healthier when I regularly take the enzyme recommended dosage. Bowel movement is good along with reduced waist size.

  19. John Mata

    I have ordered several bottles of Excellacor over the years because it works better than anything else I’ve tried. I am very satisfied and will continue to be a repeat customer.

  20. M. Paulson

    This is the MOST effective systemic enzyme product out there. 3 years ago ,I began using Exclzyme to alleviate extreme finger, wrist and foot joint pain, and general ache due to a viral condition. I believe it significantly aided my recovery. I’ve learned about many other ways it’s beneficial for good health maintenance. We are repeat customers for our own continual well-being and seeing excellent benefits for our two senior dogs, too!

  21. Virginia

    For a few years now, I have been taking the AST systemic enzymes, specifically Excellacor, to help with scarring from radiation and to help my body heal on a cellular level, with excellent results. A recent June 2017 scan showed organs with smooth texture, and a small polyp, previously seen in 2011 in my left lung was completely gone. I have been extremely pleased with the quality of AST enzymes no-filler approach to encapsulation. Excellacor is a great product. Thank you.

  22. Ruth Mullins (verified owner)

    We have used your products at least ten years and has helped both of us with pain

  23. Alicia Gonzalez (verified owner)

    I have been using Excellacor for almost four years, and it has significantly improved my quality of life. The arthritis pain has disappeared as well as the stiffness, and inflammation. My sinus and lungs are more open than before. Inflammation and kidney functions have improved as shown by blood tests. Even the phlebotomist commented about how good was my blood flow. I strongly recommend Excellacor for arthritis, increasing energy, and circulation

  24. Joanne Carr (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this product for at least seven years and it has totally relieved my joint pain along with a healthy life style. Highly recommend.

  25. Peggie (verified owner)

    I Love Excellacor and Serracor-NK. It has done so many wonderful things for me. Fibrous lesion on my arm all but gone, yay! I;m also amazed at how much it reduces pain, another yay! Had 3 surgeries in 4 months and you can’t even tell where they were. (4 inch incision) This in itself is most amazing as surgeries from long ago are very visible . No scar tissue even started! I’m 69 and when I was 2 I was in an accident that left scars and scar tissue … lots of it gone now, along with long time pain in my arm and fingers, a great big YAY! Great products

  26. Manny (verified owner)

    Excellacor has eliminated the chronic joint pain and stiffness in my hands that threatened to end my music career. Excellent product!!

  27. Patty Hart

    I was run over literrally by a truck. Was lwft with numbness, pain and nerve damage in elbow region. Aftwr acupuncture, physical therapy, tens unit, and a compression sleeve,..no permanent relief. A friend recommended the enzymes…after one month i noticed i would forget to put on compression sleeve…because i did not have pain anymore. The variable were the enzymes..
    I have not had pain in elbow since and it has been 5 years..i am so grateful for knowing about your enzymes.

  28. Matthew Solow

    I went from more than a dozen drugs for a multitude of diseases, to just a few. I went from being unable to walk because of pain, to pain free. My quality of life has been improved greatly.

  29. Benita Zimmer (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking these enzymes for over 4 years now and it has improved my overall well being. The inflammation and pain in my joints is considerably less than before I started taking them. It’s an excellent product and I will continue taking them.

  30. Joseph P Badding (verified owner)

    I started taking Excellacor a few years ago when I was I was diagnosed with NSIP. I continue to use it because I found it helps control the inflammation and aids my circulatory system. It wasn’t until I ran out and stopped taking it that I noticed the difference. It helps me! Thank you!

  31. Don MacLeod

    After using this product for several days then weeks I noticed I had more flexibility and less swelling in my joints. Less pain as well. I highly recommend this product as I have bought many bottles of it.

  32. Ryan May

    Amazing Enzymes! It has helped me with muscle soreness and inflammation!

  33. Maynard Manzano

    Having strong systemic enzymes supports all the metabolic and anti-inflammatory processes for well being and recovery after strenuous physical exercise. These products have made a great difference in my health and sense of well being.

  34. Kathleen Midgley

    Before using Exclzyme I was unable to grip a cup or golf club. I am happy to say I am back out on the golf course again.

  35. Shirl andrews

    Less aches and pains!
    No side effects!

  36. jznaiden (verified owner)

    Have been using this product for a number of years now and have used it to prevent overall inflammation in my body. So far so good and will continue to use it on a regular basis.

  37. Kathleen Midgley

    I started using exlzyme at the suggestion of my golf pro. I am now able to grip my golf club with out pain.

  38. Luke Sterling (verified owner)

    I have used AST ENZYMES products for the past 6-7 years for a chronic musculo-skeletal injury (upper back injury with a chronically shrunken back muscle and great strain on spinal alignment). I obtained immediate relief when I first used it and have not required any other painkiller or anti-inflammatory for all this time. I also had the long saphenous vein in one leg removed a year ago, (due to vein swelling-malfunction) and I find Serrapeptase does a wonderful job to improve the sensation of blood flow in that leg. I stand on my feet all day for work, and find that the tight swollen feeling in my leg is immediately relieved for many hours a day. I’ve read a lot about this enzyme and it is absolutely safe and beneficial for many different conditions, from arthritis to varicose veins, to musculoskeletal injury, to sports recovery, and notably, it also reduces the stickiness of blood to improve blood flow and reduce clotting risk factors. After 7 years of regular use, I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone for these issues, even to the very elderly as it is a very safe supplement. I have rarely purchased it from anyone other than AST Enzymes. Have checked prices, doses and product manufacturing standards from many other companies and AST Enzymes consistently delivers (far) better value for potency and purity standard, for my dollar spent. Excellent company, whom I plan to order from for years to come. Big thumbs up!

  39. DJ Ziebell (verified owner)

    These enzymes helped my lower back pain by obviously reducing the symptoms of swelling i was getting (due to muscular skeleton issues)

  40. Claudia Medina

    Well it’s been several years since I started taking AST enzymes, the symptoms I had which Dr’s advised could only be treated with surgery are gone. No surgery needed. Recently I purchased some Vita Defence for my partner who is usually down with a 2 to 3 week cold every winter. No cold this year !!!!!!

  41. Christopher Grant (verified owner)

    Excellacor is amazing. After learning of Dr. Wolf’s work on systemic enzymes in the 1950s, and taking Wobenzym for quite a few years in Germany, I learned of AST Labs. This product is of very high quality and is quite concentrated. I have taken this product for 1 year now, and I am very happy with the results. I use it at low dosage to help counteract fibrosis that is inherent in the human aging process, and use it at higher dosage to help with arthritis and sports injuries- to which it has helped significantly.

  42. Aisha Williams

    This is an amazing formula. I was a ballet dancer and suffer from joint pain and stiffness- I also suffered from monthly menstrual pain- this has helped with both! I’m so happy that I can avoid unnecessary medications and just take Excellacor. If you have any doubts just try it, I did and I will never look back!

  43. Debra (verified owner)

    I had to redo surgery due to scarring so after the second surgery I took Excellacor & experienced no scaring.
    I was also having trouble with uterine fibroids & bleeding for several years but after taking the Excellacor for awhile I haven’t experienced the problem again.
    I continue to take a maintenance dose which has helped with hip pain also which nothing else had helped 🙂

  44. Nancy

    This helped with the pain and stiffness in my hands and feet upon waking in the morning.

  45. C Beard

    My son is a college soccer player, and when his hips bother him during soccer season he takes your product and it greatly improves his soreness and stiffness. Thank you for a great product.

  46. William Henrt

    I have tried a trio of things to help my breathing problems lately. I have changed some of my diet to healthier food and drink. Have changed evening habits where I move around more now. Extra walks with the dog provide pleasant exercise and have been taking several health type supplements daily. That is several pills a day. I have higher oxygen levels now and overall am glad I tried all these new habits. Lost several pounds also from being more active. Will increase this program.

  47. Adina Henderson (verified owner)

    These supplements have helped me in significantly reducing pelvic pain associated with scar tissue after past surgeries, and also my levels of energy improved.

  48. Rob Horton (verified owner)

    “Morgan has been very helpful with my first two orders and this product has reduced fibrotic tissue
    in my hands. I also feel more energy and less joint irritation.”

  49. Albert Martinez

    I was recently given a sample pack for my toothache. I need a root canal and i was in pain and had some swelling. I took it as directed and saw the swelling go down in a matter of minutes. The pain subsided as well. I would recommend this product to all my friends and family as well as strangers!!! Thank you Chris for the sample!!!

  50. Annetta Thomas

    I have been taking enzymes for three months & have felt such an improvement in my joints, my digestive system & my mobility. I no longer have inflammation in my joints & no more pain or swelling in my ankles. I am 65 & have never felt better! I lost 6 lbs. & I know it helps with my digestive system.


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